The Food Library:

“Libraries, whether my own or shared with a greater reading public, have always seemed to me pleasantly mad places, and for as long as I can remember I've been seduced by their labyrinthine logic, which suggests that reason (if not art) rules over a cacophonous arrangement of books.”
― Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

The Food Library is a library dedicated to the subject of food.

The Food Library is located in the private home of, Michael Mayhew & Laura Elliott.

With a growing collection of books, the food library aims to extend a knowledge of our relationship with food.

Our books range from the history of plants, how to be self sufficient, what vegetables to grow where, when and how, from back yards, to window sills, allotments to smallholdings, a focus on organic and biodynamic practices, and methods, books on health, herbs and preserving, foraging, curing, through to butchery and cooking skills, and techniques.

There are areas dedicated to vegetarianism, game, soups, and fish.

The library launches you into an international cuisine journey of recipes, from the 1969 United Nations Cookbook, to the recipes of Britain, Asia, India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Europe, South America and Africa.

The Food Library is for home cooks and enthusiasts, professional chefs, and those needing more input, it’s for those wanting to extend knowledge, ideas and skills.

The Food Library is also a great location  to meet and to discuss issues of food production, security and DIY food culture, swap tips and recipes.

The Food Library is a members only Library.

It costs £20.00 a year.

We are open twice a month on alternate Saturdays.

Visits are prebooked by you through our email, michael@food-library.co.uk

Spaces are limited to 10 persons each alternate Saturday of the month.

We open at 10:00hrs and close at 12:45hrs,

We Serve lunch at 13:00hrs

Special appointments can be made.

We serve tea and cakes, plus a pre ordered lunch, served from 13:00hrs and 14:30hrs.

The menu for lunch will consist of 2 courses. The menus for each month can viewed one month in advance. The food will be seasonal, often home grown, often selected from local producers, always fresh.

(Limited to 6 diners – Lunch cost £12.00)

Library members have an opportunity to book into our Dining Club Events that run 8 times in the year.

Library members will have early access to all, tastings, talks, and lectures throughout the year from food professionals, the Food Library are hosting, throughout the year.

These will be priced accordingly.

To join or for more information about The Food Library, please email


“Books are our best possessions in life, they are our immortality.”

― Alberto Manguel, The Library At Night